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There are many different styles of timber fencing that you can choose from when deciding on what type of fence you want on your property. Timber is a long-standing favourite in Frankston, as a classic, timeless staple that is durable, hardy, and aesthetically very versatile. Choosing the style of timber fence that fits your home and your needs best doesn’t have to be a complicated decision when you know what your options are. There are a few different options of timber fencing to choose from, so it’s important to take your time and consider a  few important things of things. These factors include your budget, what you want your fence to accomplish, and your preferences.

This article will examine the most popular styles of timber fencing in Frankston in the hopes of giving you some ideas and helping you narrow down what style of timber fencing best suits you.

What styles can I choose from?

That’s the best thing about timber fences, homeowners have the freedom to explore creativity and design, thanks to the wide range of timber fencing designs and the best part is that whatever your preferences and needs are, there is probably a timber fence variety that fits what you’re after. The most popular styles of timber fences in Melbourne’s East include:

Standard pine paling fence

standard pine paling fence fencing frankston

A timeless beauty, standard pine paling fences are a crowd favourite across the country. It’s easy to see why. Known for its durability, functionality, and simplicity, this no-frills type of fence continuously is at the top of the list for popular and accessible fencing styles in timber. 

Pine fences with steel posts

timber fence with steel post fencing frankston

If you are riddled with boundary issues with your neighbours due to small space division, pine fences with steel posts are a good option. Timber fences with steel posts are not only fit for cramped areas, but are great against harsh external factors such as wind, rain, heat, and different kinds of soil, thanks to the steel posts that hold the fence together, which is especially important when you consider the wild winds and storms Melbourne has had in recent times! Compared to wooden posts, steel posts are stronger and more durable. In addition, they require less maintenance, making them an excellent choice for your fence. A good choice for smaller properties without compromising security and design.

Lapped and capped timber fence

lapped and capped timber fence fencing frankston

Lapped and capped timber fence provides a solid barrier that gives property privacy, style, and security. Lapped and capped fencing is a popular style of fencing in Frankston providing a neat look for your landscape. This type of fence is completely covered with no gaps, giving a neat appearance to your home. This fence is also durable because it is made up of two layers of palings, each overlapping another. The lapped and capped fence can be a great solution for people who want a solid barrier without paying a fortune for it. The capped bit refers to a timber top that ‘caps’ the vertical palings, giving a neat well-kept appearance. One of the most popular timber choices for properties after an economic fence that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. 

Timber fence with retaining walls

timber fence with retaining walls fencing frankston

A timber fence with a retaining wall is a good option for your property if you are on a slope or if your property is raised above that of your neighbours. There are many advantages to building a retaining wall and fence together. It helps protect animals from digging their way out, and it acts as a guardrail keeping soil where it should be. In addition, it increases your property’s curb appeal and privacy with a neat, solid retaining wall. Not all properties will require a retaining wall, your fencing contractor will determine if you do during the onside quote. Retaining walls can be built out of stone, treated timber and concrete. 

Wooden picket fence

wooden picket timber fence fencing frankston

A wooden picket fence is a popular choice for many people, the classic suburban feel. They are affordable, customizable and look good with many different styles of landscaping. However, picket fences are not often used as security fencing, they provide a definition of boundaries but they are generally shorter in height than the average 1.8m high fence and generally have gaps between the slats. If you have a property that needs boundary definition but one where you want to be able to see out into the street, picket fencing could be a good option for you, allowing the eye to see past the fence, and creating a sense of space. 

Decorative lattice timber fences

lattice timber fence fencing frankston

Decorative lattice timber fences offer a unique look to your property. They also provide privacy and help define your boundary line. Decorative lattice timber fences can be used for many purposes. They can add privacy, accent a home’s exterior, and serve as perimeter borders. Usually, a decorative lattice fence is installed at the top of a standard timber fence, to give it visual appeal. You can even use the lattice as a border along the bottom of a deck or porch, to continue the aesthetic around your property. Decorative lattice is generally not as sturdy as normal timber as they are constructed thinner and have more holes and gaps which means less structural integrity than normal timber palings. This may not be an issue as the cost to replace the lattice is less than replacing the palings, but it is something to keep in mind if you are renting your property out, you may want to stick with the most durable option. 

Horizontal timber slat fences

horizontal slats timber fence fencing frankston

As the name describes, this fencing style incorporates timber slats that are installed horizontally, generally with gaps in between the slats enabling an open appearance. The timber used is generally chosen for aesthetic reasons such as Merbau timber, which can be more pricey than standard pine but offers a stunning wooden look. To choose the right timber slat fences, you should first think about what you need the fence for. If you need a privacy fence, you may consider a double-slatted design. However, if you need a fence that is a little less intrusive, you may opt for a single-slatted design. This will allow you to keep your privacy while also giving you a more contemporary look.


Any fence made of treated timber is a great option because they are treated to be resistant to rot and termite damage. There is no right or wrong decision, some timber fencing styles are chosen for their price and simplicity, others for their appearance. Whatever your needs and preferences are, a treated timber fence is always a great option. 

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