Whether you’re looking for a way to increase the privacy in your yard, protect your property from incoming foot traffic, or simply enhance the beauty of your home, a brush fence can help you achieve all those things. Brush fencing is an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and durable alternative to traditional fencing made of timber or metal, or plastic. 

Brush fencing is very popular throughout Victoria and can last for up to twenty years and beyond. They are also a great alternative to other timber or metal fencing, which requires costly repairs and maintenance, adding up over the life of the fence. In this article, we will explore brushwood fencing and why it might be a good choice for your fence or gate. 

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What is brush fencing?

Unlike a treated timber or metal fence, brush fencing provides privacy, security, and soundproofing all the while providing a natural look. Brush fencing also helps to reduce traffic noise which is important if you live on a busy road or near a train line. A quintessential Australian look, brush fences came from a type of wood called Melaleuca uncinata and originate in swampy areas such as those in northern QLD. 

Brush fences, also known as broombrush or brushbox fences, are durable, strong, and require minimal maintenance. They offer a great deal of protection against harsh weather, termites, and noise from traffic. This type of fencing is also very versatile and can be customised to a variety of sizes and shapes and is compliant with pool fencing requirements as it can’t be climbed. They offer the same level of privacy as conventional metal or timber fencing, but with the added benefit of being low maintenance. It easily became a popular favorite especially during the turn of the millennium, with its sustainability and flexibility compared to other types of fences.

There are two main types of brush fencing. One is hand thatched, with the other being ready-made panels of brushwood, which is usually made from 50mm thick panels. They come in a variety of widths and are easy to install. Not all Frankston fencing contractors work with brushwood, but we do. We can give you a quote on this type of fence and run you through your options. 

Hand-thatched brush fences look great and are relatively easy to install although take longer time and are more labour intensive than installing panels. The main benefit of hand-thatched brushwood fences is that they can be customised to bend and curve into whatever shape is required, as well as they can be cut to any height. 

Panels of brushwood are easy to install, even by one person. They are a lot faster in the installation phase which means fewer labour costs to the homeowner. Both types of brushwood fences are great for privacy, especially if their height is above 1.2m. They absorb unwanted traffic noise, which means you don’t have to worry about the noise impacting your sleep. The noise absorption qualities of brush fencing also mean that you can use it around your pool. 

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Benefits of brush fencing

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing brushwood fencing:

Hardy for our weather

With our climate, whatever materials you invest in for the exterior of your home, you want to make sure they are hardy enough for our changeable and dramatic weather. Choosing a brush fence for your property is a smart choice. It’s a sturdy, rust-resistant natural material that won’t require regular maintenance, and it will last for decades to come. It’s also a great way to add a little curb appeal to your home with a natural look. 

A brushwood fence is made by hand packing the Melaluca brush into a frame, at whatever size you require, or by installing ready-made panels of brushwood that is packed into a frame. The tightly packed panels will be able to withstand strong winds, lots of rain, strong UV, and more, everything that our region is blessed to experience on a regular basis! 

A cost-effective long-term option

Brushwood isn’t the cheapest fencing material on the market, the initial cost to install it maybe be on par with other materials if not a little bit higher, however over time your cost to maintain it will be virtually nothing, which means long-term savings. Not only can it last for a long time and is almost maintenance-free, but it is also an environmentally-sustainable material.

brushwood fencing fencing frankston

Areas where brush fencing is the most appropriate


Brush fencing is a great fencing material for a pool. Because brushwood is not easy to climb and can be customised to whatever height you require, brushwood is a great pool fence option. It can also be a windbreaker around your pool. Brushwood is popular for gazebos, gates, and screens. 


Brush fences could be a good boundary divider for your property. Not only do they set boundaries for your property, but the material itself is also a great sound blocker from the noise outside. So if you live in a busy area, brush fences could absorb the noise, helping keep your home peaceful, especially if you live on a busy road or near a highway. Can be customised to be tall to add privacy to your home whilst adding a natural aesthetic. 


A sustainable, natural, and durable material, brushwood fencing is a great option for your home. Popular for its aesthetic, durability, noise reduction properties, and low maintenance natural, brushwood might be a material to consider. Get your brushwood fence started today and contact us to book your quote.