Choosing the best timber fence for your property could be a little overwhelming because there are a lot of options to choose from. With all the available variety on the market today, it’s important to invest your money in a material that will not only last for a long time but will also bring out the best in your property.

Many Frankston fencing contractors recommend choosing Merbau for its pristine look, neat aesthetic, and unrivaled performance. In this article, we outlined the Merbau difference—it might be a type of timber to consider for your fence and gate.

Horizontal timber slat fencing Frankston 3199 VIC

What is Merbau timber

Merbau, also known as Kwilla, is a type of wood that thrives in both Australian and tropical South East Asian territories. In Australia, it usually grows in the tropical Northern Queensland area. It is used for various purposes—from fences, furniture, staircases, decking, and even musical instruments. It finishes well with the right paint, stain, or polish. 

Merbau is famous for its wavy, interlocked grain. It gives off a distinct aesthetic appearance, especially when stained and sealed with high-quality products that protect the timber from weathering. With its stunning appearance, comes a slightly higher price tag than the average timber paling, but most homeowners who choose Merbau for their fence chose it for this reason exactly: its appearance. For information on other timber fencing options, read this article. 

Why Frankston locals choose Merbau


The best thing about Merbau timber is its natural oils that help prevent shrinkage, splitting, or cracking. It helps keep termites and other pests at bay. A natural, hardy timber that even with our ever-changing weather here in Frankston, you can be assured that your fence will be built to last.


Being a hardwood that is rich in tannin, Merbau easily stands out from its other timber counterparts, thanks to its distinctive vivid red-brown unique interlocking grain hue design and small yellow, golden flecks that compliment the overall look. From an initial yellow tone, it matures to a deeper red, orangey brown finish with age. It is easy to customise the Merbau to your desired outcome, depending on the oil you can choose from. Classy and elegant, Merbau will surely take the aesthetic of your property up a notch.  

Fire resistance

Considering our country’s changing climate, the risk of bushfires is one that most homeowners have to consider and make precautionary steps. Merbau is among the few natural timbers deemed as bushfire resisting, this is due to the characteristics of Merbau being similar to those of timber treated with a fire retardant. This is not to say that Merbau won’t burn when exposed to a bushfire, it means that the material is more able to withstand heat and flame, and less explosive than your average timber. Considering Frankston is quite built up in areas, this may not be something you have to consider, but if you live in more rural or regional areas, this may be worth taking into account.


Merbau timber is naturally long-lasting, with lifetimes spanning up to 40 years or more, before becoming susceptible to decay. So if maintained well, you can enjoy the long-lasting benefits of Merbau timber, sometimes even outliving the house itself!

Homegrown pride and sustainability

Merbau is a sustainable material because it can be harvested locally on Australian soil, which means less transportation energy consumption. However, one important thing to determine from your timber fencing contractor is the question of where they or their suppliers source their Merbau. Make sure that your trusted contractor ethically and legally sources their Merbeau fencing supplies. 

Where can Merbau timber be utilised for my home?

Merbau is an excellent choice for home improvements and renovations. Since Merbau boasts of high durability and offers versatility, it is trusted for other construction projects such as gates, cabinets, screenings, floorings, balustrades, support posts, stairs, deckings, pergolas, and more. 

Final Words

If you’re looking for a solid investment that will look great for decades to come, choose Merbau for your timber fencing needs. Known as one of the most aesthetically stunning and versatile hardwoods on the market, Merbau packs the punch that your property deserves. We supply and install Merbau fencing to Frankston locals and surrounding areas in South East Melbourne.